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Restore Your Body

Understanding your body

If you have a cough or running nose, the cold itself is not the disease. The cough and runny nose are just symptoms.

Your immune system is trying to flush the bacteria or virus causing the problem, out of the body.

If you develop a fever your immune system produces more white blood cells as it increases the temperature in the body with the aim of destroying the invaders of your body. The fever is not the disease. What causes the disease are the foreign invaders in the body.

When someone develops a tumour or cancer, it is a sign that the systems of the body are not properly functioning. It is important to have the right nutrients, exercise, hydration, fresh fruit to bolster the body’s defences and flush unwanted toxins and chemicals from the body.

The body will always demonstrate symptoms. It is important to understand what those symptoms are and react with natural substances that help to correct the balance in the body.






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