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Face & Body Tonic

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SOS FACE AND BODY Tonic is great for daily use for the whole body. It can be used all over the body.

Common Skin Complaints;



Use Face & Body tonic as part of your skin care regime and see the difference naturally.

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* "I have spent a fortune on Creams for the Eczema on my face which I have had all my life, after two days of drinking SOS Advance and washing my face with it the Eczema has completely gone" UK


SOS FACE AND BODY Tonic can even be used on tired, weak or strained skin. With so many helpful applications it can be easy to forget that SOS FACE AND BODY Tonic is also simply a great for skin over the whole body!

Produced from a variety of natural essences SOS FACE AND BODY Tonic is a mild blend of essential oils and refreshing plant extracts, including:

- Lavender 
- Sandalwood
- Lemongrass 
- Oregano 
- Geranium 
- Palma Rosa 
- Pine Needle 
- Spikenard 
- Rosewood
- Almond 
- Coconut

SOS FACE AND BODY Tonic can be used for washing skin, hair. What’s more it can be used in the kitchen to wash hands before handling food.

Blended from a range of natural essences SOS FACE AND BODY Tonic is a carefully formulated combination of botanical oils and natural plant extracts which have long been traditionally considered as a having positive impact on Health and well-being.

Being made from natural ingredients SOS FACE AND BODY Tonic is mild & gentle enough for use by the whole family.

Read testimonials our testimonial page and see testimonials from some of our delighted customers about our range of SOS Essentials products – Alternatively if you have any questions simply call our office.

*Skin Condition
It’s amazing, I have had psoriasis all my life over most of my body, I have never been able to wear a swimsuit or enjoy the beach on holiday. I have been using the SOS Face and Body Tonic, rubbing it on after bathing, for just over two weeks now and the Psoriasis has almost completely gone. I am so excited because by the time I go on holiday I will be able to wear a bikini, I am just so thrilled!

My son has terrible acne and while he refused to drink the SOS Advance he did agree to apply the SOS Face & Body Wash to his face. After a few days his face cleared up so much it was amazing to see, he still gets a spot or two coming up because of the hormones but they clear up really quick. I don’t have to tell him to use it now. The bottle seems to be lasting so long, it’s wonderful.

* results may vary

SOS Face & Body tonic is a natural 'Nano' health supplement (not a medicine)

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