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Alkalize Your Body


Where the PH is too acidic in the body, minerals from the organs and bones will be ‘borrowed’ to neutralize and remove the acids. Over a period of time, this weakens the immune system and makes the body more prone to disease. A correctly balanced environment, which is more alkaline, allows the body to function properly and boosts the immune system. For example – Cancer cannot exist in an alkaline environment.

Many herbalists, doctors and nutritionists believe that the diseases in our society have an underlying common cause related to either Acidity and Alkalinity.


High acidity can weaken the body and make it prone to disease.

When the blood is acidic, it tends to form clusters and can no longer get to all the tiny capillaries in the body to give you the life giving oxygen that is needed throughout the entire body

The body rots from the inside out. It is important to keep it alkaline.

Acids, heavy metals, petrochemicals, pesticides and other toxins accumulate in the body’s weakest and most compromised organs.

As the blood supply to these organs is reduced, these organs become bastions for viruses, bacteria and fungi where they can multiply in the acidic environment.

SOS Advance is a highly alkaline supplement for the body